Crème de La Crema


La Crema is my favorite restaurant. I am saying that definitively, because it really is. This makes sense because chocolate is my favorite thing to eat and over half of their menu is chocolate covered, dipped or smothered something (chocolate fondu included). And, for actual food, they serve ‘small plates’ or tapas. These spanish-style plates are as delicious as hard as they are to pronounce. Over the years my family has tried almost everything on (and off) the menu and we have our tried and true favorites. Another thing I love about this restaurant is it’s display and support of a local artist’s work. They have beautiful, whimsical paintings by Jen Tanksley decorating the small, beachy restaurant available for purchase. For those over the age of 21 La Crema also offers a wide selection of fine wines. Overall, if you are ever in the area, this is a restaurant you definitely need to try. Just be prapered to post-thanksgiving-dinner-full the first few times you eat there because trust me, you will want to try everything.

Creme de La Crema 1

Creme de La Crema 2

Creme de La Crema 3

Authentic Seafood Paella


Crab Cakes (they have a hint of Rosemary)


Lobster Stuffed Mushroom CapsIMG_9276


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