The Pearl

A few nights ago at dinner my family and I ate at Bud and Alley’s, a classic gulf restaurant in Seaside, Florida. I ordered the Baked Oysters appetizer for dinner, and the first oyster I ate I bit into a pearl! It must of been my lucky night. I love Bud and Alley’s not only for their food and adorable T Shirts but also because they have a top deck at their restaurant that is lovely to watch sunsets from.

Bud or Alley if you are reading this, thank you for the little pearl. (-:




A Book Review: The Perfume Collector

There are very few fiction novels I will reread. I get too bored when I know how something turns out, and at best I will only re-read my favorite parts. This isn’t because I don’t like to read, because I love reading like the way I love puppies and chocolate (which is a lot), but I would reread The Purfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro everyday if I could. It is more than a pleasing read. The characters are well developed, interesting, and relatable despite their unusual consequences. Along with this the setting is wonderfully whimsical and the plot is captivating.

Open this book and you are immediately transported back to London, 1955 with Grace Monroe. Read just a chapter further and you are in New York City, 1927 with Eva d’Orsey. If those two places don’t satisfy your desire to travel the characters also stop in Paris and Monte Carlo. The setting may be enough for you to be enticed (it was for me), however, the thrilling plot could be just as exciting if it were place in the Middle-Of-Nowhere, Texas.

Grace is on a journey to find out why this mysterious woman, Eva d’Orsey has left her an enormous inheritance. She searches for answers to seemingly unanswerable questions like why she feels so close to this woman she never knew. Eva’s life is a story also told that you never want to end.  She is a smart, daring and poetic woman that we can all aspire to be more like as Grace does. Along with the mystery of the inheritance and Eva’s life, the book reveals the charming, glamorous and dangerous love stories of both of the main characters.

The language of this book was like reading art. It is comparable to the beauty of Shakespeare, just in more of a contemporary sense. Reading The Perfume Collector is truly a feast for the imagination.

A Sunday Stroll






unnamed-11Top: Topshop Skirt: JCrew Factory  Bow Bracelet: KJP (I like this one too) Pearls: KJP Rings left hand: JCrew Factory Ring right hand: Tiffany Cape: Anthropology Earrings: Kate Spade (similar)

If anyone is interested, my dog is a Coton de Tulear who is around 4 years old, and his name is Ace. He is a very friendly dog and loves to give kisses. Coton de Tulears are an excellent breed and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a small to mid-sized non-shedding best friend. Ace is a little large for his breed and weighs around 20 pounds purely due to size. Typically Cotons are groomed to have long hair, but we give Ace ‘puppy cuts’ so that he is easier to maintain (and we think he is cuter this way). The hair he does has is the softest of any dog I have ever pet. Fun fact: Coton de Tulear dogs are known as the royal dogs of Madagascar.

Spotted Around Town







Trench Coat: Calvin Klein (similar) Purse: Tory Burch (no longer available in black)  Sunglasses: Kate Spade  Top: JCrew Pants: Anthropology Shoes: JCrew Factory Rope Bracelet: KJP Ring: Tiffany  Necklace: JCrew Factory  Earrings: Kate Spade (similar) Phone Case: Nordstrom

This was an afternoon spend strolling around the streets of Rosemary Beach town in Florida. I love it here not only for the sugar white beaches, but also for the adorable boutiques, gourmet restaurants and art galleries (and, well, also for the good-looking, well dressed guys who are known to spend vacations here). Though it was too cold to spend all day on the beach, the weather was just right to duck into The Hidden Lantern book store, buy a book and read it sipping on an organic coffee at Amavida. Check out my review of one of my favorite restaurants, La Crema, located in Rosemary Beach.

The photo of the clock tower is courtesy of



Crème de La Crema


La Crema is my favorite restaurant. I am saying that definitively, because it really is. This makes sense because chocolate is my favorite thing to eat and over half of their menu is chocolate covered, dipped or smothered something (chocolate fondu included). And, for actual food, they serve ‘small plates’ or tapas. These spanish-style plates are as delicious as hard as they are to pronounce. Over the years my family has tried almost everything on (and off) the menu and we have our tried and true favorites. Another thing I love about this restaurant is it’s display and support of a local artist’s work. They have beautiful, whimsical paintings by Jen Tanksley decorating the small, beachy restaurant available for purchase. For those over the age of 21 La Crema also offers a wide selection of fine wines. Overall, if you are ever in the area, this is a restaurant you definitely need to try. Just be prapered to post-thanksgiving-dinner-full the first few times you eat there because trust me, you will want to try everything.

Creme de La Crema 1

Creme de La Crema 2

Creme de La Crema 3

Authentic Seafood Paella


Crab Cakes (they have a hint of Rosemary)


Lobster Stuffed Mushroom CapsIMG_9276


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St. Joe Beach Club and Resort







Shoes: Hunter Rain Boots Leggings: Gap Body (these are my absolute favorite leggings ever) Vest: Ralph Lauren (I also like this one) Pearl necklace and earrings Ring: Tiffany Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Though it was a chilly day at the beach we couldn’t resist frosty treats at the beach club. Imagine a group of people sitting around, shivering, slurping up tropical drinks and getting brain freezes and that was us. St. Joe’s Club (formerly known as Watersound Beach Club) is an absolutely wonderful place to enjoy seafood snacks and drinks after a day at the beach. They also provide beach chairs and towels to members. The landscape photo of the pool and gulf was taken from the top deck bar, which has amazing views. It is a great place to watch afternoon thunderstorms in the summer.