A Book Review: The Perfume Collector

There are very few fiction novels I will reread. I get too bored when I know how something turns out, and at best I will only re-read my favorite parts. This isn’t because I don’t like to read, because I love reading like the way I love puppies and chocolate (which is a lot), but I would reread The Purfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro everyday if I could. It is more than a pleasing read. The characters are well developed, interesting, and relatable despite their unusual consequences. Along with this the setting is wonderfully whimsical and the plot is captivating.

Open this book and you are immediately transported back to London, 1955 with Grace Monroe. Read just a chapter further and you are in New York City, 1927 with Eva d’Orsey. If those two places don’t satisfy your desire to travel the characters also stop in Paris and Monte Carlo. The setting may be enough for you to be enticed (it was for me), however, the thrilling plot could be just as exciting if it were place in the Middle-Of-Nowhere, Texas.

Grace is on a journey to find out why this mysterious woman, Eva d’Orsey has left her an enormous inheritance. She searches for answers to seemingly unanswerable questions like why she feels so close to this woman she never knew. Eva’s life is a story also told that you never want to end.  She is a smart, daring and poetic woman that we can all aspire to be more like as Grace does. Along with the mystery of the inheritance and Eva’s life, the book reveals the charming, glamorous and dangerous love stories of both of the main characters.

The language of this book was like reading art. It is comparable to the beauty of Shakespeare, just in more of a contemporary sense. Reading The Perfume Collector is truly a feast for the imagination.


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